CARMEN WILDE  – “I highly recommend this form of skin treatment”

Reviewed 25 May 2016 Review verified.

I had needling done by Dawn Perosino at the end of April 2016 and I only have rave reviews about Dawn, the products and the treatment. My treatment was purely for cosmetic reasons to reduce pigmentation and wrinkles. Within days after the needling my skin started to flake and the texture of my skin already felt different.

I changed over to her recommended products and my skin adjusted very well. The home needling together with the products has resulted in my skin looking more radiant than it has in years and I receive compliments all the time about how amazing my skin looks. I already have a more even tone and the lines on the side of my eyes are not as deep.

What I’ve been blown away with is the service I’ve received from Dawn. I’ve never received such high touch care & support from anyone in any industry I’ve dealt with. She is consistently in contact with me to ensure my skin is improving and that there are no reactions. Her absolute passion for her work and breadth of knowledge has made me feel totally cared for and her sense of humour is simply a delight.

All round this has been an incredible experience. I highly recommend this form of skin treatment and especially the services of Dawn Perosino.



ANDY – “During my first visit, she examined my skin, gave me hope and I believed in her”

Reviewed 04 May 2017 Verified

Seeing Dawn was the best decision I made for my skin. After almost 2 years of looking for a solution for my terrible acne, I browsed the net looking for a dermatologist and I came across  Advanced Skin Solutions details and decided to contact her. During my first visit, she examined my skin, gave me hope and I believed in her. I have since gone for 2 needling sessions and she put me on some products that have worked wonders.

My experience with her has been wonderful. The products that she put me on together with the needling sessions have cleared most of the acne. I’m still on the products and due to go for 2 or so needling sessions but I’m very happy about the outcome so far. I would refer anyone any day to Advanced Skin Solutions. I swear by Dawn Perosino!



ZIM – “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and there’s no looking back”

Reviewed 19 Oct 2017 Verified.

I have had severe acne in the past that left me with scars and still makes its way back once in a while. I was on Roaccutane since I was a teen and I’m now in my mid-20s and figured I need to stop with Roaccutane because of the side effects. I googled skin needling and decided to give it a try. Let’s just say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and there’s no looking back.

Dawn Perosino is literally an angel. I went from wearing makeup every single day even if I was going to the local store to no makeup at all unless I was going out with friends etc. You will have a consultation with her and she will figure out exactly what is wrong and recommend a well-suited treatment for you. She is so passionate about what she does and I don’t even think she realizes the boost of confidence her patients leave with after seeing her. My skin is 100 times better than it has ever been.



SOPHIA – “Skin needling and Pigmentation Treatment has worked wonders on my skin”

Reviewed 30 Aug 2016 Verified  review.

I visited the clinic for needling since I had spots and marks from acne and sunburn,  Dawn of Advanced Skin Solution is an amazing lady who explained to me in detail the procedure I was going through. Skin needling has worked wonders on my skin and the procedure was quite an amazing experience.

I got amazing results after the treatment and am very happy to have visited  Dawn.



PETER – “is highly experienced, has extensive knowledge, is a reputable specialist in her field”

Reviewed 04 Feb 2018 Review verified

I just want to take this opportunity to share my story and journey with acne scarring, hopefully, this review will help someone and give someone out there hope dealing with the same condition.

In my late teens up to my early 20’s I had an extremely severe case of cystic acne, the effects of the acne left my skin damaged, the scars were deeply rooted, the bumps and lesions on the skin were huge, noticeable and not a pleasant sight. My confidence and self-esteem were dashed to the core.

The short end of the story, in my 40’s I decided to take a leap of faith and decided to go for treatments to clear the scaring I left untreated for many years. I did my research and consulted with dermatologists to commence treatments. I tried all treatments and skin regiments under the sun (topical retinoids creams, oral tablets (Roaccutane), laser treatments and fillers), the scars were deeply entrenched, none of the above-mentioned treatments could break down and smooth out the scars to an acceptable level.

At this point, I thought that adult acne scars could not be successfully treated and I had given up hope after trying all the treatments available. I could not be more wrong.

I decided to try one more option, medical skin needling (also known as micro-needling, needle derma-brasion or collagen induction therapy). Once again I did research on which clinic to consult and came across Advanced Skin Solutions ( Dawn Perosino).

Dawn is highly experienced, has extensive knowledge, is reputable, highly recommended and a specialist in her field. After a consultation with Dawn, I commenced treatment, with the first treatment I could see tangible change within a matter of days. With a few more treatments the scars finally subsided and are still busy clearing up in giant leaps as I continue micro-needling treatments. In my case, the micro-needling is a resounding success for acne scar treatments.

My experience with Advance Skin Solutions (Dawn) is absolutely amazing.
Dawn executes every treatment with skill and precision. The result speaks for itself. The skin products are effective for everyday use. Thank you, Dawn, for making a difference, you are a champion.



KAMISHA – “fantastic results”

Reviewed 01 Jul 2016 Verified

The treatment was needling to reduce acne scarring at Advanced Skin Solutions with Dawn Perosino. Relevant information was well explained by the practitioner. The free consultation and skin screening was followed by great advice on treatment and products. There was no discomfort during the treatment. It was painless. Positive results were visible within 5 days. The practitioner was very accurate on the post treatment expectations. It was an overall pleasant and safe experience with fantastic results and professional, thoroughly researched advice.

The clinic was neat, clean and organised. It was well prepared and set up for a medical procedure.


CYNDI – “5 stars in my opinion”

Reviewed 09 Aug 2016 Review verified.

What an amazing place! Had the best treatment results 1 day later and incredibly pleased! My skin looks fresh and healthy will definitely go back. 5 stars in my opinion:)

5 stars incredibly professional very helpful



MRS NAIDOO – “The best part was that the lady spoke to me as if she was a trusted friend”

Reviewed 17 Sep 2018 Verified

I had my scar removal at Advanced Skin Solutions. The clinic was fine with a nice, professional setup. We used a Needling device for the scar revisionl. I didn’t feel any pain.

Pleased with the results. They managed to get rid of the scar for me, but it was a long process. I needed five or six sessions in total. She applied a numbing cream to the area before each treatment. The best part was that the lady spoke to me as if she was a trusted friend. I didn’t feel like just a patient, which was great



ZEE – TheMy skin has improved so much and I feel so confident

Reviewed 22 Dec 2018 Review verified.

I had pimples from the age of thirteen. My sister and I were walking in the cosmetics section and laughing at the fact that we had tried literally everything there with no good results.

A month ago I was feeling ugly with low confidence so I searched the net and bumped into Dawn Perosino. When I spoke to her she told me she could help me but I wasn’t convinced, I went anyway because she was welcoming and jolly when I spoke to her plus her consultation was free.

She first explained to me how needling works, that when you get hurt your brain sends little messgaed to come fix that scar so when needling we will be tricking the brain to send those little messages to come take away my scaring. But first she gave me skin  products to kill the pimples before we could do a needling session.

The products helped me right away, they treated my pimples and within a week I was ready for needling. The session was painless and Dawn Perosino spoke to me like I was an old friend through the whole process so even when she was needling the scars on my leg (which was painful) it didn’t feel so bad because she made me feel comfortable.

After my first session, I peeled like an orange and after a few days, I started to get better, my skin looked brighter and smoother. I have now done three sessions and I look great. I have become so vain and spend hours in front of the mirror because I can’t believe this is actually my skin.

I’m so grateful to  Dawn Perosino and Advanced Skin Solutions.

I felt welcome and she explained the whole process to me. My skin has improved so much and I feel so confident. I’m planning on bringing my sister to her as a wedding gift.



TRACEY – “The results have been phenomenal”

Reviewed 14 Sep 2017 Review verified

My now 17-year-old son suffered severe acne and a fungal skin infection on his face. The result of this condition had left his face terribly scared.

He has been receiving medical needling from Dawn Perosino for the past three months and the results have been phenomenal. Dawn has put him onto a range of skin products which are utterly amazing.

Dawn is passionate about what she does, she is very professional, extremely knowledgeable, kind and has a huge heart. She is in contact with Cameron regularly, her teaching, encouraging and guidance has played a huge role in his road to repaired skin and renewed confidence. Dawn has a wonderful sense of humour, we never leave the salon without a smile on our faces and happy thoughts.

Our experience with Advanced Skin Solutions has been incredible. Her skin products are like no other! The advice and insight received from Dawn are priceless.

The experience we have received and continue to receive is highly recommended.



MARIETTE – “I could literally see a significant improvement”

Reviewed 01 Jul 2017 Verified

I turned 40 in 2016 and I started to feel like I looked 40… I wanted to do something about my skin tone and specifically the sun damage I had from years of carefree running around in the sun with insufficient sun protection.

I was a bit worried about how expensive treatments would be and if it would even really work but ALL that changed when I met Dawn Perosino!

She carefully and thoroughly examined my skin (no charge) and prescribed me a very basic skin care routine. I must confess that I left my first appointment in tears when I saw how bad the damage actually was… Dawn comforted me and assured me that the new skin care regime would quickly make a difference.
A week later I could literally see a significant improvement!

It is 7 months after my initial session and I have had my first needling session. That combined with my new skin products have left me with radiant even toned skin!!!

If you are looking for a brilliant clinic that is exceptionally well priced, professional and most important results driven, give Dawn a call today.

Professional, exceptionally well priced and I have had amazing results in only 7 months.



JERRY M – “Thank you, thank you, thank you”

Reviewed 01 April 2015 Verified

Seven years ago I was involved in a terrible car accident which left my face badly damaged. The skin graft went horribly wrong and the correction by a plastic surgeon was out of my financial range. No medical aid. Then I heard about Dawn and her needling and decided to give it a try.

All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. Finally I can be out in public without the incessant staring and whispering. Who would have thought that such a powerful transformation was possible without killing my wallet.

Keep up the amazing work, it really is life changing.



MEREDITH – “Wow, at least 15years off”

Reviewed 01 Jan 2016 Verified

At age 52, I couldn’t have been more depressed. Some 20 years ago I had  CO2 laser resurfacing with disastrous effects. While it looked good initially, as I got older I seemed to age at twice the speed. My skin was terribly wrinkled and hard. It would not even absorb creams and my facial expressions were affected too.

I was referred to Dawn by a plastic surgeon for deep medical needling. I was sceptical and terrified.  Once I’d met her I was filled with hope and excitement. Her knowledge and passion for her work are infectious.

Wow, at least 15 years off my face, beautiful soft skin, even the sun damage has been reversed. I had 5 sessions quite close together and was given superb skin products that are affordable and effective.  Thank you Dawn for putting a smile back on my face and giving me renewed  self-confidence. You truly are a miracle worker.



VANESSA –  I’m so happy and my self-confidence is on 100″

Reviewed 07 Sep 2018 Review verified.

I have been suffering from acne since I was a teenager, I’m now 26 and for me to still go through it, had my self-esteem and confidence at zero.

I was seeing a dermatologist and he gave me Oratane for 6 months,  which was devastating due to the side effects. After the treatment, my self-esteem was still down as I had hyperpigmentation and acne scars.

One day I checked if there are solutions for my problem and I came across very, very good reviews about needling done by Dawn Perosino at Advanced Skin Solutions. I desperately needed help as I am getting married in September 2018.

I had my first free consultation and from the word go, I knew I was in good hands. Dawn gave me an enzyme polish to help with the patches I had, and I saw results in just one week. I knew I had to go back for whatever treatment she would suggest.

Fast forward, I started my first needling treatment beginning of July 2018 and I had 3 sessions. This is the best decision I have ever made and Dawn, bless that woman. She is passionate about her work. I talk about her services with anyone who asks how I achieved these results on my skin.

I’m so happy and my self-confidence is on 100. I can’t wait to see my wedding photos. I could write a book about my experience but I highly, highly recommend Dawn for her skin care solutions.

The best and my skin says it all.