What is ULTRAcel Q+?
ULTRAcel Q+ is a safe, state of the art, non-surgical treatment for tightening, firming and lifting skin and deeper tissue(SMAS), using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.(HIFU)

How does ULTRAcel Q+ work?
You may be familiar with the ultrasound used to examine unborn babies in the womb. That same technology can be used to stimulate healing in the deeper layers of skin.

Ultrasound therapy (HIFU) shoots ultrasound waves into the skin, where they act by heating targeted tissue, tightening SMAS and stimulating the body’s natural collagen production. While there is a noticeable instant tightening, once the body starts producing collagen, the skin tightens and firms significantly.

It’s a precise tightening treatment for the skin and deeper tissues (SMAS) The body’s natural healing and collagen regeneration process produces a new, healthy and tighter appearance of the face, neck and décolleté.

What conditions and areas can be treated with ULTRAcel Q+?
General firming, tightening and lifting of the brow, eyes, face, jowl, neck and décolleté

When will I see results?
Generally the skin will begin to look smoother and tighter after the first treatment, and the results from the treatment will continue to improve for up to six months, as the collagen continues to regenerate. The results will vary, depending on the original condition of the skin and deeper tissue, and degree and cause of damage

How many ULTRAcel Q+ treatments will I need?
The number of treatments required will depend entirely on the area being treated and the condition of the skin. You may benefit from a combination treatment with INTRAcel Pro.(Radio Frequency Micro Needling)

How is ULTRAcel Q+ treatment carried out?

  • Firstly the therapist will discuss your areas of concern and do a face mapping session
  • No anaesthetic is required.
  • The treatment takes between 30-60 minutes, depending on the area.
  • A gel will be applied to the treatment area.
  • You may experience a prickling sensation followed by a feeling of mild heat.
  •  Different heads are used for the various depths and skin conditions 

Does ULTRAcel Q+ hurt?
For skin tightening and lifting no anaesthetic is required.

The levels of treatment can be adjusted to suit patient comfort. If you are worried about discomfort or feel nervous about the treatment you can discuss these concerns with the therapist.

Is ULTRAcel Q+ safe?
Yes, the treatment is safe but it must be carried out by a suitably trained and experienced health care professional to ensure that different areas are treated at the correct levels.

What are the side effects of ULTRAcel Q+?
You may experience a mild warm sensation for an hour or two, thereafter, virtually no discomfort or downtime is experienced.

The skin may be red for a few hours; this usually resolves in less than 24hours. Swelling is minimal particularly under the eyes (if treated) and resolves in 1-2 days. Make up may be applied after 24 hours.

Care following treatment.
The use of a high factor sunscreen (40+) following the treatment is very important to protect the skin during the healing phase and for several weeks following treatment. All your aftercare needs will be discussed by the therapist at the consultation and we are on hand after the treatment to answer your questions.\

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